Puff Piece
Performance in collaboration with 110%

‘110% (Beth Dillon, Kieran Bryant and Lachlan Herd) create art that interrogates the contemporary pursuit of ‘lifestyle’ as a branded commodity. In this work Puff Piece they draw on the ceaseless positivity of the self-help movement and the aphoristic language it uses to inflate hopes and desires. In this performance they present a buoyant veneer of self-actualization, attempting to manifest their destiny through a spirited display of platitudes that promise, ‘What you put out into the universe is attracted back to you’. But beneath this sunny display we see the pyrrhic reality of attempting to hold it all together when everything is falling apart. Missing a member, overburdened by props and the constant threat of their dream rapidly deflating, their scrambling lends a hysterical edge to their address. Leading us to question if their efforts – aimed at positivity not practicality are really worthwhile.’

- Program text by Tulleah Pearce, Associate Curator, Performance Space