Live performance, video projection, floodwater, algal bloom, cement, graphite, beeswax, mirror

Sentinel was produced as an exploration of the way human individuals can potentially relate to natural phenomena in the context of prophesied environmental disaster or collapse.

In this work, the sentinel figure trawled through hours of video recorded during sea-fog whiteouts in Helsinki's surrounding forests and coastlines.

Videos were projected through cubes of floodwater and algal blooms, reflecting off a mirror onto graphite and wax trays of wet white cement.

When the sentinel figure encountered a pattern, shape or perceived signal within the video which only became clear through the divining projection process, it was traced out onto the cement with a mixture of graphite powder and vegetable oil.

This work resulted from a residency with the Finnish Studio Artists' Foundation and formed the basis of the exhibition Sentinel at c3 Contemporary Art Space in late 2016.

Images by Vivian Cooper Smith